• An Undocubus Sketchbook

    Here’s a dispatch from CultureStrike artist Julio Salgado from the Undocubus, which last week made a big splash at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.  His images speak to the sense of solidarity and pride that the campaign seeded in all the participants, which they took home with them as the bus rolled out. All drawings by Julio Salgado.

    As we exited El Siloe Church’s gym in Charlotte, N.C. to hop on the UndocuBus for one last time as a group, the humid rain seemed like an emotional prop to our undocumented goodbyes. After weeks of speaking out, civil disobedience, and hanging out together, UndocuBus riders were finally saying goodbye.

    Soaking wet, riders shared their most vivid memories of the entire trip. Tears were shed and jokes told. Each of us wondering about what just happened and what was next. Sitting with all these amazing individuals, it was hard not to see myself spending endless hours together on church floors, planning the next actions.

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  • Word Association with Comedy Central

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  • Comedy Central Meets Undocubus

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  • Undocumented People Arrested in Civil Disobedience Watch President's Speech, Announce Next Steps After President's Speech, Call on DNC to Be on Right Side of History, End Merger of Police with Immigration Enforcement

    More than 40 people, mainly undocumented, travelled on the No Papers No Fear Ride for Justice through 10 states and 16 cities to arrive at the DNC where 10 undocumented participants performed civil disobedience that could have resulted in their deportation due to the Police/ICE collaboration programs that were the focus of their protest.

    All arrestees were released instead of being placed in deportation proceedings, confirming the message riders have set out to express through the tour: the migrant community is stronger and safer when organized and out of the shadows.

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  • Undocumented Mother of Dream-Eligible Youth Announces DNC Civil Disobedience Plans Live on Democracy Now This Morning

    In an interview with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now this morning, undocumented No Papers No Fear Rider, Rosi Carrasco, announced her intent to participate in group civil disobedience during the DNC despite Charlotte's participation in the federal 287(g) and Secure Communities deportation programs that merge local police with immigration enforcement.

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  • The Nation: Undocubus at the DNC

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  • The Undocumented Bus: In Charlotte, A Different Kind Of Coming Out

    The bus is always the center of attention. Partly because it's a hulking 1970s tour bus that somehow made it from Arizona all the way to Charlotte, but mostly because of what's inscribed on the side of it in thick, black letters.

    "Sin Papeles, Sin Miedo," it reads in Spanish. "No papers, no fear."

    Carrying a bunch of undocumented activists, the bus rolled through the country, through states like Arizona, Texas, Louisiana and Georgia, and into Charlotte on the eve of the Democratic National Convention.

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  • Undocumented Latinos end protest tour of south at Democratic convention

    For the past 15 years Miguel Guerra has been living in the shadows as an undocumented Latino immigrant in the US. He kept out of view, avoided public places and never spoke his mind to anyone outside his immediate family.

    Not any more.

    Under a blazing North Carolina sun, Guerra joined almost 50 other undocumented Latino immigrants on a Sunday in a park on the outskirts of Charlotte, the North Carolinan venue of this week's Democratic national convention. It was in effect a mass coming out ceremony.

    For the past six weeks the group has been riding across the American south in a converted Greyhound bus bearing the slogan: "No Papers No Fear". They have stopped in about 20 cities in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia before arriving in North Carolina, holding rallies and confronting anti-Latino prejudice along the way.

    "We're no longer afraid to say we are undocumented," Guerra declared.

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  • March on Wall Street South

    As our first action in Charlotte, North Carolina, we marched for immigrant rights in Charlotte. As part of the March on Wall Street South, we said 'Sin papeles y sin miedo' and called for the private prisons and the politicians to stop profiting off of our community's suffering. Read More »

  • Where I am From, A Poem

    This is a poem by Jorge A. read at the open mic event by la Coalicion Latino Americana and United for a Dream in Charlotte, North Carolina, performed at the welcoming of the No Papers No Fear Ride for Justice on September 3, 2012.

    Where I am from

    I am from Gabriel and Ignacia feeding me mis frijoles machucados con arroz  y queso.

    Yo soy de tortillas hechas a mano que se acen en picadas

    I am from playing loteria and losing all my money

    I am from my father lisening to Ana Gabriel, Marco Antonio Solis, and  “bidi bidi bom bom” to my mother playing Los Tigres del Norte

    I am from “Jorge levantate para la escuela, no te voy a decir otra ves.”

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