• Bio: Perla Farias

    Bio: Perla Farias

    Perla Farias is a journalism and justice studies major at Arizona State University, traveling as part of the media crew of the No Papers No Fear ride. She has lived in Arizona for 10 years, but was born in California. She has seen at least two of her family members deported, her aunt and godmother. She says, “I’ve seen deportation affect my family, and its breaking us apart. If someone in our family is missing a piece of them, mom or husband, then the rest of us aren’t complete.” She also finds her inspiration to address social justice issues in her experience as a Chicana woman who has had direct experiences of patriarchy and racism. She remembers being young and her friends being bothered by her speaking Spanish and being told that women had specific roles of servitude. Her participation on the bus tour as an opportunity to document a historic moment through a Chicana lens and to do service for her community. She lives and creates art in Phoenix with her husband, DJ Portugal, who is also the designer of the art painted on the bus.

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