• Daylaborers for the Right to Work and Just Living Conditions

    En Alabama visitamos a un grupo de jornaleros, quienes eran victimas de agreción de la policia y violaciones de sus derechos a vivienda justa por parte de la administración de un conjunto de apartamentos, hasta que tambien se comenzaro an organiar y responder. Platicamos con ellos sobre el poder de conocer nuestros derechos, y los apoyamos en hacer un comite, que trabajara para hacer un Centro de Trabajadores en Hoover, Alabama. 

    In Alabama we visited a group of day laborers, who were victims of police harassment and violation of their rights by housing administrators, until they also organized and fought back. We spoke to them about the power of knowing our rights, and supported them in creating a committee, that will work towards having a worker’s center in Hoover, Alabama.


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  • Witnessing the Birth of a Day Laborer Worker’s Center

    Witnessing the Birth of a Day Laborer Worker’s Center

    Members of the No Paper No Fear ride visited a group of day laborers in Hoover, Alabama, who had requested support in organizing. Eleazar is himself a day laborer in Tucson, Arizona, and he was part of the team that helped these workers organize themselves.

    It was a great experience in my life, to witness how a group of day laborers organized for dignity in their living conditions and the right to look for work. They were being harassed by the police, ignored and criminalized by their housing administrator, and fearful of being deported. On Friday, we took a small group of No Papers No fear riders, to learn from them about the conditions they lived and worked in, and support their organizing; on Sunday, we held a meeting with the tenants and the day laborers, and on Tuesday we brought the entire group to support a demonstration led by the day laborers for their right to work and good living conditions.

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  • Hoover Day Laborers and No Papers No Fear Riders Unite Against Harassment, Housing Violations, Retaliation for Organizing

    National delegation of undocumented immigrants on the No Papers No Fear ride for Justice will join day laborers living in Hoover, Alabama who have been organizing against harassment, housing violations, deportations and retaliation from organizing for their rights.

    Hoover, AL -- Although day laborers have a constitutional right to assemble and seek work in public, Hoover, AL workers have repeatedly been told by building management that they cannot seek work outside or wait for their own employers, even in the parking lot of their own apartment complex, where they are rent-paying tenants. Building managers have verbally abused them, called the police when workers don’t disperse quickly enough, leading event to deportations and police harassment.

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