• Browning of America - Olmeca

    Inspired by the undocumented participants in the No Papers No Fear Ride for Justice, Hip-Hop artist, Olmeca, offers a sneak peak of the track "Browning of America" from his upcoming album, Brown is Beautiful.

    In the final week of the six-week journey, undocumented riders are arriving in Charlotte, NC for the Democratic National Convention where they will continue coming out with no papers and no fear to rally the immigrant community, give a face to immigration, and insist the President do more to stop deportations.

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  • Recording: We Belong Together and Women from the Undocubus



    On Tuesday August 14th, the We Belong Together campaign held a phone conversation with women from the No Papers No Fear Ride for Justice to hear about their journey coming out of the shadows and challenging sheriffs promoting anti-immigrant policies on their way to North Carolina.

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  • Tania Unzueta and Sheriff Arpaio on NPR

    A group of undocumented workers sets out this week on a bus ride from Arizona to the Democratic Convention in North Carolina with the logo “No Papers, No Fear”.   We’ll hear what they have to say. In 1961 black and white students got on a bus together to ride through the South in a daring and courageous protest of Jim Crow. Yesterday in Phoenix, a new group of Freedom Riders, undocumented Latinos boarded a bus to advocate for immigration reform.

    They’re protesting what they claim is harassment at the hands of Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Up next, On Point: Is this the Freedom Bus or the UndocuBus? The issue that could profoundly affect the election for president.

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