• Yovany Diaz: The Undocubus Gives Me the Strength to be a Humanitarian


    Yovany Diaz is a member of GUYA, the Georgia Undocumented Youth Alliance and is joining the no papers no fear ride for justice for his mom, his community, and to fight for education in a state that has banned undocumented youth from its universities.

    Yovany Diaz, miembro de la alianza de jovenes indocumentados de Georgia se une con la jornada por la justicia por su madre, su comunidad, y para luchar para una educacion en un estado que ha cerrado las puertas de sus universidades a estudiantes indocumentados.

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  • Bio: Yovany Diaz Tolentino

    Bio: Yovany Diaz Tolentino

    Yovani Diaz Tolentino came to the US  when he was 5 months old with his mother, looking for better financial opportunities, a better job and life. Now 20 years old, Yovani has lived in Roswell, Georgia for 12 years. He cleans houses and works with the Georgia Undocumented Youth Alliance (GUYA), an undocumented youth led organization that support the undocumented community in Georgia. He is on the bus “to change the perspective of voters and fight for justice, helping to obtain an immigration reform that benefits America as a whole, including undocumented people.”

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