• Migrants across U.S. taking protests to defiant new level

    A growing number of undocumented immigrants in Arizona and other states are taking immigration protests to a new extreme, staging acts of civil disobedience by deliberately getting arrested in order to be turned over to federal immigration officials.

    Often wearing T-shirts declaring themselves "undocumented and unafraid," the protesters have sat down in streets and blocked traffic, or occupied buildings in several cities including Phoenix and Tucson.

    Dozens of protesters have been arrested, but in almost every case, federal immigration officers have declined to deport those in the country illegally. Protesters say they are planning more acts of civil disobedience, including possibly in Phoenix.

    The acts are intended to openly defy stepped-up immigration enforcement that has led to record deportations over the past three years.

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  • Pricila get some love from labor

    We are riding a 1972 MCI Challenger bus in our journey across the southwestern and southeastern part of the United States. This bus, who came baptized with the name ‘Priscila’ has been used in organizing tours mostly on climate justice issues. Inside she is more like an RV, with benches, a small kitchen and even bunk beds in the back.

    So, it was a roll of the dice to choose a 40-year old bus to make this trip. Partly it was a gamble of necessity, because we have not counted on lots of money to make this happen. And it was also a choice, understanding the potential drawbacks. To have a schedule and route we could control, to be able to make the bus in the image and design we wanted.

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  • Timelapse: The Making of the (undocu)bus

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  • Eleazar: Para abrir las puertas que le han sido cerradas

    Eleazar Castellanos es padre jornalero de Arizona quien subió a la jornada de la justicia porque juntos podemos lograr algo mejor por nosotros y nuestros hijos. Después de ver que su hija no podría seguir estudiando en la universidad y después de perder su propio trabajo por las leyes de Arizona, decidió hacer algo mas para abrir las puertas que le han sido cerradas.

    Eleazar is a father and day laborer who is on the No Papers No Fear Ride for Justice because together we can accomplish something larger. After seeing his daughter unable to continue her studies and after losing his own job because of the laws in Arizona, he decided to be part of the journey to open the doors that have become closed to him and his community. Film by Barny Qaasim Edited by Barny Qaasim

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  • Farewells and Full Moons

    In the magic hour, under the light of a full moon it was a long good bye in Phoenix Arizona for a group setting off to defy unjust laws in order to dignify them.

    The scene was frenetic.  A group hunched over a generator, trying out the 5th theory of how to kick start some a/c.  The flowing finishing touches of clear coat paint, a labor of love created by many different people.  Bags being packed, like a crowded freeway when everyone’s trying to get home.

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  • Despedida and a Drive to Denver

    stormclouds on 15 hours driveToday we are being hosted by members of local communities in Denver Colorado after being on the road for over 15 hrs, but the exhausting of the trip doesn’t take away the enthusiasm from these community members that are taking the lead in this movement

    The next two days will be full of activities and actions with local organizations and communities, sharing our struggle and learning from theirs without forgetting to promote our message “ No Papers No Fear, Dignity is Here.”

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  • Indocumentados piden justicia en recorrido nacional


    Un grupo de indocumentados participará en un recorrido en autobús por varias ciudades del país para pedir justicia que culminará en septiembre en la convención nacional demócrata que se celebrará en Charlotte (Carolina del Norte).

    El recorrido nacional, denominado "Sin papeles, sin miedo. Recorrido por la justicia", comenzó este sábado en Arizona y en él participan cuatro indocumentados.

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  • Undocumented Arizonans Announce Participation in National Bus Tour to Overcome Fear and Organize Migrant Community

    By voluntarily risking arrest and being placed in Sheriff Arpaio's jail, the undocumented Arizonans confronted what had previously been their greatest fear and demonstrated that everyone is safer as part of organized communities prepared to defend their rights and prevent their violation.

    The four will announce their participation in a national 'No Papers No Fear Ride for Justice' at a press conference this morning. Undocumented migrants will board a bus in Phoenix, Arizona and publicly travel to hot spots of Arizona copy-cats and anti-immigrant sentiment to come out as unafraid, support local organizing, and challenge proponents of hate. The journey will end in Charlotte, North Carolina at the Democratic National Convention.

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  • Protestors Arrested chanting "No Papers No Fear, Dignity is Finally Here"

    Even as Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio was on the stand answering questions about allegations of racial profiling, a group of undocumented immigrants gathered to share their stories with the media.

    In addition to talking about living in Arizona, the group planned to "call for other undocumented immigrants to come out of the shadows."

    The protest, which involved some 60 people, spilled out into the street in front of the Sandra Day O'Connor United States Courthouse, 401 W. Washington Street in Phoenix. Dozens of police officers were called to the scene to try and clear the street.

    Video from the scene showed officers taking several people into custody and escorting them away in handcuffs. It's not yet clear exactly how many people were detained.

    The protest started with four individuals carrying a banner that said “No Papers, No Fear: Sin Papeles y Sin Miedo.”

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  • If we can overcome our fear, so can anyone

    If we can overcome our fear, so can anyone

    I’m going to get arrested because I am tired of living in fear.  I am tired of all these laws that are passing not just here in Arizona but in the whole United States. And most of all for my family and my community.

    I want them to know that we are not just doing this for ourselves, for our families, but for them too. We have seen so many families being separated each and every day. And people like the ones who are going to get arrested are the people who are being deported every day.

    We want them to know we are coming out of our fear. They can come out as well.

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