• Bio: Andres Gallegos

    Bio: Andres Gallegos

    Andres Gallegos was born in Denver, Colorado, but has lived in Los Angeles, California most of his life. He describes himself as coming from a union family, growing up around working people. His mom and his grandfather were born in L.A., and his mother was involved in the Chicano movement, which “laid a big seed in my brain about what it means to be working class, people of color in a big urban city where all you do is get jailed and beaten by police, or thrown into an institution,” he explains. While he lived there, he worked doing union organizing as a hotel service employee. It was around this time that he decided to come out to his co-workers as queer, learning that “there is hope that can be gained by overcoming fear.” This is the sprit that he carries with him on the bus.  He has also lived in Chicago, where he worked with a queer organization focused on queer and transgender youth of color. When he is not on the road with the No Papers No Fear riders, he lives back in Los Angeles. He is considering attending law school, and one day wants to open a community-based, community-owned, affordable Laundromat, that can also serve as a space for meetings.

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