• Priscilla's Rebirth

    The feeling…it was kind of like sitting in a hospital waiting room anticipating the birth of a child. But the reality was that I was standing tippy-toed, peering over a barb-wired cement fence trying to get a peep at Priscila the Undocubus.  She was sitting sad in a tow yard.

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  • Timelapse: The Making of the (undocu)bus

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  • Farewells and Full Moons

    In the magic hour, under the light of a full moon it was a long good bye in Phoenix Arizona for a group setting off to defy unjust laws in order to dignify them.

    The scene was frenetic.  A group hunched over a generator, trying out the 5th theory of how to kick start some a/c.  The flowing finishing touches of clear coat paint, a labor of love created by many different people.  Bags being packed, like a crowded freeway when everyone’s trying to get home.

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