• Bio: Diane Ovalle

    Bio: Diane Ovalle

    Diane Ovalle lives in Phoenix AZ and is 27 years old. Immigration policies and incarceration hit close to home. When her partner was picked up by police on the freeway and placed in deportation proceedings she felt like there was nothing she could do. She could not go to see him in detention and had no way of getting in contact with him. Her community held car wash fundraisers and tried to find a lawyer to fight his case. Diane also has two family members in jail and sees the ways in which immigrants and other populations are criminalized and funneled into one system that uses people as a source of profit. As laws got worse in Arizona for immigrants Diane’s interest of how to volunteer and assist the community grew. She volunteers with Puente organizing with whole families. She is on the bus to provide documentation for the caravan “to show the connections we have made, the stories shared. I am a lover of studying what social movements have done, and I’m exited to see how us traveling with out fear will help support other communities to move forward out of the shadows, and to see how to support other communities who are going dealing with the effects of laws like SB 1070.”

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