• Bio: Victor Alvarez

    Bio: Victor Alvarez

    Victor Alvarez has lived in the United States for the last 15 years. He migrated from Mexico looking for a better life and opportunities. He has worked in farms in Pennsylvania and South Carolina picking blue berries, apples, and pears for three years. He eventually moved to North Carolina, the place where he has made his home. He became involved in immigrant rights organizing in 2006, when local organizations began to work against the bill SB 1070, which criminalized undocumented immigrants and supporters. He began to volunteer with community organizations, including the Coalición de Organizaciones Latino Americanas (COLA) in Charlotte, as well as his church. He continues his advocacy work pushed by seeing families separated every day by deportation programs. He is on the bus because he is fighting for the future of his family, “so that tomorrow we can hold our head high without looking down, and be able to unite to create something positive. We can leave fear behind, but we need to change the laws too.”

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