• Si No Nos Invitan, Nos Invitamos Solos: No Papers No Fear Protest in Alabama

    The US Commission on Civil Rights held a briefing in Alabama on the impact of state-based immigration laws. They invited the author of SB1070 and the sponsor of Alabama's hate law.

    Kris Kobach can't testify about the impact of immigration laws. Undocumented people can. Riders from No Papers No Fear interrupted his speech until they were escorted out.

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  • Juan Jose Mangandi: Our Best Kept Secret is Our Own Community's Strength



    Juan Jose Mangandi is an artist and playwright who works as a day laborer in California.  He joined the no papers no fear ride for justice to confront rejection and inspire pride within the migrant community.
    Juan Jose Mangandi es un artista, escritor de teatro y trabaja como jornalero en California. Participa en la jornada por la justicia para confrontar el desprecio de los migrantes y inspirar orgullo dentro la misma comunidad.
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  • 'No papers, no fear': immigrants declare on bus tour - NBCNews.com

    Bob Miller / for NBC News

    Maria Cruz Ramirez, 46, awaits her turn to speak at a press conference near the Nashville Public Library on Thursday. Ramirez came to the U.S. in 2001 with her three children, and they overstayed their Visas.

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- They are in the United States illegally, and they are tired of hiding.

    Over the past few weeks, a group of nearly 40 housekeepers, day laborers, students and immigration activists has been making its way across the country in a ragtag caravan, chanting “no papers, no fear” and proudly declaring “I’m undocumented” in public gatherings.

    The riders are not legally in the U.S., a point they want everyone they meet to know. They are on the bus tour, dubbed the “undocubus,” to highlight their plight and to challenge their anti-immigrant foes in the ongoing national debate on immigration.

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  • Bio: Juan Jose Mangandi

    Bio: Juan Jose Mangandi

    Juan Jose Mangandi is a day laborer and an artist. He lives in Los Angeles and does theatre work to help people find pride and hope, and to let people know they are not alone in their experiences as undocumented community members. “I’m on the Undocubus to fight fear and persecution. To let people know that we are on a Journey for dignity, and that there are many brave people willing to challenge the stigma of being undocumented, facing rejection and fear face to face. Along the way we are finding strong allies and learning that as a community we are strong.”

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