• Arestados en Knoxville: Saliendo de las Sombras de 287(g)

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  • Bio: Jorge Torres

    Bio: Jorge Torres

    Jorge Torres was born in Ecuador, where he had his first experience seeing inequality, particularly in the way indigenous people in his town were treated. He began organizing with indigenous people since he was 12 years old.  He came to the United States at the age of 16 with his parents, and has lived here for 15 years. He lived undocumented for 9 years of his life, during which he learned about the frustration of lacking access to school, work, and travel. He began to organize with  Comunidad Latina en Acción, a community organization that works against wage-theft, provides educational and leadership opportunities, and is dedicated to community empowerment. He was able to regularize his immigration status three years ago, but continues to organize with immigrant communities. He continues to work with Comunidad Latina en Acción, has done community radio, and makes films and documentaries relating to migrants and social justice. Regarding his involvement on the No Papers No Fear Ride, he says that  “this is something that is making history, and a story that needs to be told, and we need to be able to say and document these moments with our own media.”

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