• Migrants across U.S. taking protests to defiant new level

    A growing number of undocumented immigrants in Arizona and other states are taking immigration protests to a new extreme, staging acts of civil disobedience by deliberately getting arrested in order to be turned over to federal immigration officials.

    Often wearing T-shirts declaring themselves "undocumented and unafraid," the protesters have sat down in streets and blocked traffic, or occupied buildings in several cities including Phoenix and Tucson.

    Dozens of protesters have been arrested, but in almost every case, federal immigration officers have declined to deport those in the country illegally. Protesters say they are planning more acts of civil disobedience, including possibly in Phoenix.

    The acts are intended to openly defy stepped-up immigration enforcement that has led to record deportations over the past three years.

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  • Comedy Central Meets Undocubus

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  • Melissa Harris Perry: No Papers No Fear Footsoldiers

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  • Si No Nos Invitan, Nos Invitamos Solos: No Papers No Fear Protest in Alabama

    The US Commission on Civil Rights held a briefing in Alabama on the impact of state-based immigration laws. They invited the author of SB1070 and the sponsor of Alabama's hate law.

    Kris Kobach can't testify about the impact of immigration laws. Undocumented people can. Riders from No Papers No Fear interrupted his speech until they were escorted out.

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  • Fearless and Speaking for Ourselves

    Fearless and Speaking for Ourselves

    Yesterday was one of the most important days of my life. It gave me the opportunity to speak to the people who are directly hurting our community. I, and three of my fellow No Papers No Fear riders - Mari Cruz Jimenez, Maria Huerta, and Jose Mangandi - stood up during the testimony of Kris Kobach, the author of SB 1070, while he was addressing the United States Commission on Civil Rights, testifying on the effects of state immigration laws. He was sitting at the table like an expert, when we know there is no one who knows the effects of immigration laws in our communities better than undocumented immigrants. We had not been included as part of the group to testify, so we stood up, uninvited, and told our stories.


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  • “Undocubus” is riding out of the shadows and towards the Democratic National Convention

    Winding its way from Arizona through Texas to Mississippi and Memphis the Undocubus, filled with 30 undocumented immigrants, plans to come to a stop in Charlotte, North Carolina just in time for the Democratic National Convention. The participants hope to draw attention to their belief that both Republicans and the Obama administration have failed in addressing the issue of immigration properly.

    “I don’t want politicians to talk about me,” says Gerardo Torres, a volunteer for Puente Arizona, one of the Undocubus organizers, as well as an undocumented and gay immigrant. “If they’re going to talk about us they should let us speak. The people who are actually affected by these laws and all of the hate and the things they’re doing to our community.”

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  • Promotoras de salud con los jornaleros de Gretna


    Durante su parada en Nueva Orleans, promotoras de salud de Puente Arizona visitaban a la esquina de jornaleros de Gretna para escuchar de su experiencia, hacer consultas de salud, y promover la vida sana.
    During the stop in New Orleans, health promoters from Puente Arizona who are riding on the No Papers No Fear ride for justice stopped at the Gretna day laborer corner to hear their stories, do basic health consultations, and promote healthy living.
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  • Tired of Living in the Shadows, Undocumented Immigrants Take to the Road

    Tired of Living in the Shadows, Undocumented Immigrants Take to the Road

    Tired of government inaction and what they call “political football” in immigration reform, a busload of undocumented immigrants are risking arrest and deportation to push for change.

    About 30 undocumented immigrants and their supporters boarded what they've dubbed the "Undocubus" Wednesday and rolled out of Phoenix, widely regarded as a battleground for immigrant rights. The Undocubus will pull into the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina in September.

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  • Coming Out at Colorado's Capitol

    Tuesday July 31st of 2012 was our first day of activities in Denver Colorado, starting off early in the morning with a warm breakfast lovely made by some of the local members of the Unitarian Universalist Church, followed by a quick workshop presented by local community organizers, who explained the severity of a local anti-migrant law called SB 90, that has been around  for about 6 years, this law works in the same fashion than section 2B of Arizona’s law SB 1070 which was approved by the supreme court.

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  • Gerardo: I'm a queer undocumented Mexican. We Exist. We're involved.




    No papers no fear profile on Gerardo Torres, undocumented and queer.
    Perfil de Gerardo Torres un trabajador de construcción y persona de la comunidad LGBTQ.

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