Where I am From, A Poem

This is a poem by Jorge A. read at the open mic event by la Coalicion Latino Americana and United for a Dream in Charlotte, North Carolina, performed at the welcoming of the No Papers No Fear Ride for Justice on September 3, 2012.

Where I am from

I am from Gabriel and Ignacia feeding me mis frijoles machucados con arroz  y queso.

Yo soy de tortillas hechas a mano que se acen en picadas

I am from playing loteria and losing all my money

I am from my father lisening to Ana Gabriel, Marco Antonio Solis, and  “bidi bidi bom bom” to my mother playing Los Tigres del Norte

I am from “Jorge levantate para la escuela, no te voy a decir otra ves.”

I am from my sister saying “you’re so stupid omg pinche pendejo.”

I am from finding Comet, Clorox, and Fabuloso under the bathroom sink

I am from going to ATL every summer to visit family

I am from losing my whole family in México when I moved to Cali to losing my brother and sister when I moved here

I am from being pushed by the cops because they wanted my brother, from losing my father almost a year now to deportation and standing in the streets alone waiting for my mother to come for me

I am from now being eligible to be able to work and go to college and get a driver’s license

I am from finally being able to provide for my family and two beautiful little nieces.


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