• In Defense of Civil Protest

    Yet, regardless of one's position on the broad issue of immigration, No Papers, No Fear should give us pause.

    Arizona is not a great place for people without papers right now, said Fernando, "...and those who stayed, stayed to resist and fight back." With no elected officials to represent them and the threat of possible deportation looming, these people decided to board a bus and ride hundreds of miles across the country so that others like them might be a little less afraid to drive to work, a few members of the press might give a brief nod to their daily hardships, and they can publically declare themselves fully part of the United States after living here for many years. They boarded the bus because they have no advocacy tools other than their voices, despite the very real risk that their actions would result in arrest, jail time, or deportation.

    If Miguel were to become an American citizen, he would want to own his own business, he said. If his deportation case moves forward, he will leave behind 14 years of his life, a wife, and three kids, two of whom were born in the United States. For him, coming to the DNC was less of a choice than a final gesture of hope that democracy can actually work, that defending a belief peacefully, publically, and at serious personal risk can change our policies.

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  • The Undocumented Bus: In Charlotte, A Different Kind Of Coming Out

    The bus is always the center of attention. Partly because it's a hulking 1970s tour bus that somehow made it from Arizona all the way to Charlotte, but mostly because of what's inscribed on the side of it in thick, black letters.

    "Sin Papeles, Sin Miedo," it reads in Spanish. "No papers, no fear."

    Carrying a bunch of undocumented activists, the bus rolled through the country, through states like Arizona, Texas, Louisiana and Georgia, and into Charlotte on the eve of the Democratic National Convention.

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  • The Lion's Side of the Story

    “Until The Lion doesn’t say his side of the story, his murderer The Hunter will always get away with the Glory” African Proverb

    The No papers No Fear Journey for Justice made its arrival to Atlanta, Georgia on August 22nd, and started the visit with a protest outside the Atlanta City Detention Center. This is where  victims of the collaboration between local law enforcement and immigration agents, through programs like Secure Communities, are held, sometimes for long periods of time. Here, immigrants without papers, are held in detention even after they paid their time for what ever "crime" they were accused of - often non-violent- and then turned over to immigration authorities. 

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  • Verbo Autonomo

    Fernando "Verbo Autonomo" Lopez es uno de los viajeros de la jornada por la justicia sin papeles y sin miedo. Fernando

    "Verbo Autonomo" is one of the no papers no fear riders.

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  • Ganando el derecho de hablar por nosotros mismos: Winning the Right to Speak for Ourselves

    The US Commission on Civil Rights held a briefing in Alabama on the impact of state-based immigration laws. They invited the author of SB1070 and the sponsor of Alabama's hate law.

    Kris Kobach can't testify about the impact of immigration laws. Undocumented people can. Riders from No Papers No Fear interrupted his speech until they were escorted out. We came back stronger and demanded we be included. By not backing down, we won our inclusion for the day.

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  • La guagua de los 'sin papeles'

    Vienen con mensajes de libertad, enseñanzas de rebeldía y voces de solidaridad. Vienen en bus, sin papeles y sin miedo.

    Alrededor de 30 indocumentados, entre jóvenes y adultos, comenzaron este 28 de julio un viaje a través del suroeste y el sur del país a bordo del UndocuBus (el indocu-autobus).

    Aunque de inicio se había avisado de la participación de tres indocumentados de Georgia, hasta el cierre de esta edición la organización no había confirmado su arribo.

    “Estamos tratando de regar el mensaje de que hay que perder el miedo a la policía y a las leyes que nos atacan porque ya estuvo bueno de que nos ataquen y de que nos escondamos”, dijo a MundoHispánico Fernando López, indocumentado de Arizona que será parte del grupo.mariposa

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  • Fernando: Reclamar tu libertad

    Fernando es un artista de Hip-hop, cocinero, y fotógrafo quien era detenido por un més en Arizona donde vive y organiza con el movimiento pro-migrante. Está participando en la jornada para enseñar los derechos y compartir las historias de él y de los en los centros de detención.

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  • Indigenous Roots in Albuquerque

    Today the No Papers No Fear caravan arrived to Albuquerque, New Mexico, a state where  indigenous communities are prevalent, just as in my state of Arizona.

    As migrants, we believed that it is important to create a connection between our experience, and the experience of other indigenous people in the United States.

    We had the chance to talk to 2 young people living in the Santa Clara and Santo Domingo pueblos, and share our experience as migrants, as they shared theirs with ours.

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  • In Depth in Denver

    Wednesday August 1st  of 2012 was our second and last day of activities in Denver Colorado, starting off with a delicious breakfast provided by local members of the Unitarian Universalists church, then we headed to El Centro Humanitario were we met with community members and  local organizers to have a workshop where we shared our stories in depth, also talked about strategies and future actions to be taken.

    Riders getting ready

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  • Despedida and a Drive to Denver

    stormclouds on 15 hours driveToday we are being hosted by members of local communities in Denver Colorado after being on the road for over 15 hrs, but the exhausting of the trip doesn’t take away the enthusiasm from these community members that are taking the lead in this movement

    The next two days will be full of activities and actions with local organizations and communities, sharing our struggle and learning from theirs without forgetting to promote our message “ No Papers No Fear, Dignity is Here.”

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