• Justicia para los 32 del Sur, Winning Joaquin's Case

    In New Orleans the No Papers No Fear riders rallied with Joaquin and the other day laborers who make up the Southern 32, people facing deportation for defending their civil rights. At the court hearing, the judge recommended Joaquin's case be closed because ICE had not proven itself. Now the Southern 32 are fighting to close the rest of the cases.

    En nueva orleans, la jornada por la justicia participaron en una manifestación para apoyar a Joaquin, uno de los 32 del sur quienes están en proceso de deportación solo por defender sus derechos civiles. A su juicio, el juez recomendó que cierre el caso de Joaquin. Ahora, están luchando para cerrar todos los casos.

    More information on the Southern 32 at makejusticereal.org and on the No Papers No Fear ride at nopapersnofear.org

    Film by Perla Farias
    Audio by Jorge Torres
    Edited by Jorge Torres

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  • Southern 32 member Joaquin Navarro Hernandez may soon see relief from deportation

    After more than two-and-a-half years in the local immigration court system, day laborer and Southern 32 memberJoaquin Navarro Hernandez — who was featured prominently in our recent cover story *— seems likely to avoid deportation. In a hearing in New Orleans Immigration Court today, Judge William Wayne Stogner said that the government's primary evidence against Navarro Hernandez, U.S. Border Patrol's I-213 (record of deportable alien) was effectively useless.

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  • Immigrants Halts Deportation After Challenging Border Patrol Arrest

    joaquin-navarro-hernandez-southern-32.jpgImmigrant Joaquin Navarro-Hernandez, a member of the "Southern 32," triumphed in a Fridayimmigration court hearing, where he halted attempts to deport him by showing inaccuracies in the government's only proof against him. The hearing was held to question the accuracy of an arrest report issued by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents who detained him after a raid on a day-laborer corner in 2010. Immigration Judge Wayne Stogner pointed at an easel-size enlargement of the report, its alleged inaccuracies marked with blue and yellow Post-It notes by Hernandez's lawyers. "I have no confidence that document is reliable," he said, noting that he considered that conclusion "a very serious matter."

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  • El Juicio de Joaquin y los 32 del Sur

    En Agosto 10, 2012, mas de 30 personas con camisetas del Congreso de Jornaleros y Stand with Dignity entraron a la corte de inmigración de Joaquín Navarro Hernández, portando calcomanías que decían “Southern 32 on the right side of history,” o en español, “32 de sur: en el lado correcto de la historia.” Los participantes de la Jornada por la Justicia: Sin Papeles y Sin Miedo fuimos a esa corte para apoyar a Joaquín y a los 32 de Sur, un grupo de personas que son jornaleros y están luchando en contra de su proceso de deportación.

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  • Rally with Southern 32 at Court Hearing, Call to End ICE Abuse in New Orleans

    New Orleans, LA –  Two years ago, Joaquin Navarro Hernandez was merely standing on the day labor corner when he became the victim of a botched Border Patrol raid<http://m.bestofneworleans.com/gambit/new-orleans-immigration-battles/Content?oid=2049876&issue=2049665>.  in the chaos that ensued, Joaquin was pursued several blocks by car and assaulted by a bystander.  When a neighbor attempted to report the wrongful mistreatment Joaquin had faced, the New Orleans Police Department instead took custody of Joaquin and turned him over to Border Patrol. Even though Joaquin stood up to expose the misconduct and cover up,  Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) continues to push for his deportation-- all in an attempt to cover up their own abuse and avoid a potential scandal.

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  • ‘No Papers, No Fear’ Ride for Justice Comes to New Orleans, Supports ‘Southern 32’ at Immigration Hearing

    In New Orleans, the riders will shine a national spotlight on civil, labor, and human rights defenders in the Deep South by supporting Joaquin Navarro-Hernandez in his immigration hearing on Friday morning. Mr. Navarro-Hernandez is a leader of the Southern 32, who are brave men and women who are only in deportation proceedings for standing up to defend their rights. The Southern 32 are demanding an end to Napolitano’s practice of jailing and deporting labor organizers and civil rights defenders for having the courage to stand up and speak out.

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