• Bio: Barni Axmed Qaasim

    Bio: Barni Axmed Qaasim

    Barni Axmed Qaasim came to Phoenix, Arizona when she was 3 years old from Mogadishu, Somalia. She is a product of Love & Migration because her family has roots in Somalia, England, Ireland, Scotland and Yemen. "I grew up in Phoenix and felt deeply hurt when I saw a white supremacist attack being launched on people who I grew up with. I think of my family members who have been forced to migrate out of Somalia & Yemen because of war, famine and poverty. Their trek across harsh terrain to Europe and the trek across the Sonoran Desert is the same struggle -and the causes are the same: poverty, political corruption and transnational corporations." Barni is a documentary filmmaker and volunteer for Puente and the Somali Association of Arizona. She is  dedicated to capturing images and sounds that shine a light on the efficacy and strength of communities that are left out of or are misrepresented by mainstream media. "It is my hope that my work honors the sophisticated oration and poetry tradition of my Somali culture."

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