• In Admiration: Learning about the Civil Rights Movement

    I had heard about the struggle for civil rights in the 60s but it had never mattered to me. I had not realized that I could learn from the struggle, and that it could apply to the situation that I am in. As an undocumented mother from Arizona, the more that I learn and think about organizing for my community, and what strategies we can use to fight for our rights, the more admiration that I have for the civil rights struggles of the African-American community in the United States, and the more that I want to learn from them.

    As we travel through the southern United States, especially through states that have such a rich history of racism against black communities, I have also realized that these are places also of resistance.

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  • National Delegation of Undocumented Migrants Visits Nashville, Undocumented Tennesseans Come Out of the Shadows

    Three undocumented immigrants from Tennessee have joined the ‘No Papers No Fear’ caravan on it’s way to the Democratic National Convention (DNC). The delegation includes immigrants from across the country who are students, mothers, fathers, day laborers, community organizers, and families. They join local undocumented families in sharing their stories publicly, and addressing the recent implementation of deferred action for childhood arrivals.

    Memphis, TN – The No Papers No Fear Ride for Justice is a national delegation of undocumented people and allies that left Phoenix, Arizona on the anniversary of the state's implementation of SB1070, July 29th, and is travelling across the country to rally the migrant community to overcome fear and organize to challenge anti-immigrant policies. Three undocumented immigrants from Tennessee have joined the caravan on it’s way to the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Charlotte, North Carolina, and hundreds will participate in ‘coming out of the shadows’ at Nashville community event.

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