• Bio: Erika Ovalle

    Bio: Erika Ovalle

    Erika Ovalle lives in Phoenix, Arizona. She grew up around gangs and seeing police abusing their power. When she was young the police came to look for one of her brothers without a search warrant, but still kicked down all the doors and threatened to shoot their pet dogs. This was one her earliest experiences with law enforcement. Her two older brothers are in prison, and so she feels a deep connection with criminalization and family separation. She began organizing in school with the MECHA group, feeling at home with the symbols and images rooted in Mexica culture, and since then has been involved in various community organizations, helped organize school walk outs and protests. She can often be found with a megaphone leading chants whenever needed. She is on the bus because she sees the human rights violations that happen every day in Arizona. “I want to support my fellow human community to fight for human rights. I see this as historic struggle for rights and freedom and I am proud and humble to be on it.”

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