• The Undocs on the Bus - Dallas Morning News Editorial

    no papers no fear protest in phx

    Those without papers are often described as living in the shadows, a tired phrase that perhaps survives because it very neatly captures the predicament.

    If your life is defined in this manner, you can see the world but the world doesn’t see you, or at least doesn’t see you in all your dimensions.  A part of our labor market depends on this arrangement, whether we like it or not.

    Years ago, a story on one of these shadowy folk created quite a stir in journalistic circles because the subject was named and photographed in a Page One story, when that term meant more than it does today. But that’s not what made news. The furor erupted when  immigration authorities, using the information contained in the article, promptly arrested the subject of the profile and journalists and others angrily debated naming those “in the shadows.”

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  • El Freedom Ride Migrante - NYT


    La noche del domingo o el lunes temprano, alrededor de tres docenas de personas están planeando emprender un viaje de autobús de seis semanas a través del oscuro terreno de la política migratoria estadounidense. Su viaje empieza, justamente, en el desierto de Arizona, capital nacional de leyes anti-inmigrantes y de opresión policial. 

    Atravesará otros estados donde las leyes y políticas fallidas obligan a los inmigrantes a trabajar fuera de la ley - Nuevo México, Colorado, Texas, Luisiana, Alabama, Georgia y Tennessee – y terminará en Carolina del Norte durante la Convención Nacional Democrática.
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