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    Undocumented immigrants traveling cross country to join protestors at the Democratic National Convention say "life as an undocumented person is not easy."

    WBTV met Undocu-Bus... the bus bringing undocumented immigrants... as it makes it way to Charlotte. Organizers say about 37 people are coming to the DNC, 34 of whom are in the country illegally.


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  • Grupo de indocumentados ha cruzado el país de costa a costa a bordo del ‘indocu-bus’

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  • Travel Notes by Julio Salgado

    Julio Salgado, a DREAMer and CultureStriker, sends us a dispatch from the UndocuBus, a project of the “No Papers, No Fear” campaign, as it makes it way across the country to Charlotte, NC, site of the upcoming Democratic National Convention:

    A Juanes song, “La Camisa Negra,” is blasting from a small black speaker inside the UndocuBus. Mari Cruz and Chela are seated at the front of the bus and are singing along—they know all the words, about a black shirt and a broken heart. The folks in the small bunk beds at the back of the bus are encouraging the celebration, when suddenly the iPod connected to the speaker loses its Pandora signal. That’s the thing about this ride. The unexpected is bound to occur.

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  • No Papers No Fear’ Delegation Makes First Stop in North Carolina Towards Democratic National Convention, Supports Undocumented Immigrants of Asheville

    A national delegation of undocumented immigrants visits western North Carolina to challenge practice of constant police check-points targeting undocumented immigrants, racial profiling and support workers in deportation proceedings, specifically those targeted in the 2011 Shogun Restaurant immigration raid. The No Papers No Fear riders arrive after a series of direct actions and civil disobedience rallying the migrant community to overcome fear and organize to challenge anti-immigrant policies.

    Asheville, NC – For the last 6 weeks three dozen undocumented immigrants have traveled across the southern United States sharing their stories living and organizing undocumented, supporting local organizing taking place in immigrant communities, and challenging Sheriffs that are implementing anti-immigrant policies designed to scare immigrant communities. The arrive into North Carolina after a successful civil disobedience in Knoxville, Tennessee, where 2 undocumented riders and 2 allies were arrested, and then let go, proving once again the power of being out of the shadows and having an organized community.

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