• We Dream at All Ages

    Making stencilsAlthough I’ve been involved in activism in my state and around the country, it has always been with other undocumented young people, specifically those fighting for the DREAM Act, and have focused on the experience of Arizona. Being on the bus has been a new experience for me, because besides getting to know the laws that are taking place in other states, I have had the chance to talk to undocumented people who are older than me, who have had different experiences, and who are coming out for the first time in their lives.

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  • De Arizona a Denver: la primera parada

    En Denver conocimos al Centro Humanitario, Padres y Jovenes Unidos, AFSC, Trabajos con Justicia, y otros para aprender el efecto de SB90 y compartir lo que ha pasado en Arizona y otros estados desde la perspectiva de jornalero/as, trabajadoras de casa, y otros de la comunidad indocumentada.
    In Denver we met with Centro Humanitario, Padres y Jovenes Unidos, AFSC, and Jobs with Justice to learn the impact of SB90 and to share what's happened in Arizona and other states from the perspective of day laborers, domestic workers, and other members of the undocumented community.

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  • Boulder sheriff, immigration activists agree: Repeal SB 90

    rally at capitolA group of immigration activists who protested at the state Capitol this week and Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle have something in common.

    They both want Colorado’s version of Arizona’s crackdown on undocumented immigrants overturned.

    SB 90, passed by the state legislature in 2006, requires police officers to report suspected undocumented foreigners who are arrested on a criminal offense to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

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  • In Depth in Denver

    Wednesday August 1st  of 2012 was our second and last day of activities in Denver Colorado, starting off with a delicious breakfast provided by local members of the Unitarian Universalists church, then we headed to El Centro Humanitario were we met with community members and  local organizers to have a workshop where we shared our stories in depth, also talked about strategies and future actions to be taken.

    Riders getting ready

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  • Sin Miedo en Denver - Univision

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  • Fotos: Intercambio en Denver




    On the second and last day in Denver Co, the first delegation of the Journey for Justice met with community members and local organizers at El Centro Humanitario in Denver Co, to share stories and talk about strategies for future organizing and action, the topics in this workshop where (Women and Families), (LGBT Rights), (Labor), (Students and Youth) and (Barrio Defense Committee in Depth)

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  • Photos: Rally at the Colorado Capitol




    This was a press conference where various community members and local organizations shared their stories and sent a call out to the migrant community across the nation. Photos should be accredited to Fernando Lopez, No Papers No Fear photographer.

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  • Coming Out at Colorado's Capitol

    Tuesday July 31st of 2012 was our first day of activities in Denver Colorado, starting off early in the morning with a warm breakfast lovely made by some of the local members of the Unitarian Universalist Church, followed by a quick workshop presented by local community organizers, who explained the severity of a local anti-migrant law called SB 90, that has been around  for about 6 years, this law works in the same fashion than section 2B of Arizona’s law SB 1070 which was approved by the supreme court.

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  • Despedida and a Drive to Denver

    stormclouds on 15 hours driveToday we are being hosted by members of local communities in Denver Colorado after being on the road for over 15 hrs, but the exhausting of the trip doesn’t take away the enthusiasm from these community members that are taking the lead in this movement

    The next two days will be full of activities and actions with local organizations and communities, sharing our struggle and learning from theirs without forgetting to promote our message “ No Papers No Fear, Dignity is Here.”

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  • 'No Papers, No Fear' Justice Ride Arrives to Denver to Show In Solidarity With Colorado's Undocumented Immigrants

    Tuesday July 31st, a group of undocumented immigrants  and supporters will arrive in Denver, Colorado to join Colorado worker and immigrant organizations for their first stop of the ‘No Papers, No Fear Ride for Justice.’

    The group arrives following the first event of the tour in Phoenix, Arizona – a protest against Maricopa County Sheriff Arpaio's racial profiling, where four undocumented Arizonans  were arrested during a peaceful civil disobedience outside of his trial. The four were released, calling for Aspiring Americans to challenge fear and organize against those that promote anti-immigrant policies locally and nationally.

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