Undocumented People Arrested in Civil Disobedience Watch President's Speech, Announce Next Steps After President's Speech, Call on DNC to Be on Right Side of History, End Merger of Police with Immigration Enforcement

No Papers No Fear Ride for Justice Concludes with Call on Feds to Stop Collaborating with Arizona as State Readies for Implementation of SB1070 and with Pledge to Fight Against Police/ICE Collaboration Nation-Wide

What: Undocumented Presidential Acceptance Speech Watching Event

Where: St. Peter's Catholic Church. 507 S. Tryon, Charlotte, NC.

When: 9:00pm - 11:30pm. Speech scheduled for 10:30

Who: No Papers No Fear Riders who travelled for six weeks through 10 states and 16 cities to rally migrant community and call on President to be on the right side of history at the DNC

More than 40 people, mainly undocumented, travelled on the No Papers No Fear Ride for Justice through 10 states and 16 cities to arrive at the DNC where 10 undocumented participants performed civil disobedience that could have resulted in their deportation due to the Police/ICE collaboration programs that were the focus of their protest.

All arrestees were released instead of being placed in deportation proceedings, confirming the message riders have set out to express through the tour: the migrant community is stronger and safer when organized and out of the shadows.

Tonight participants will watch and respond to the President's speech, share their response from their perspective of being undocumented, and announce their next steps as they return to their homes where police and immigration enforcement collaboration continue to cause a human rights crisis.

Riders point to Arizona where SB1070's section 2b racial profiling provision was just approved by a judge to go into effect and highlight the similar impact of federal deportation programs nation-wide.

Media Availability for Interviews from 9:15 to 11:30pm. Follow @undocubus


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