Despedida and a Drive to Denver

Yesterday, Sunday the 29th of July around 10:30 pm, the first delegation of the “No Papers no Fear Ride for Justice” took off from Phoenix Az to Denver Colorado, the rest of the group will be taking off next Wednesday to join us in Albuquerque New Mexico, amongst this group, some of the people arrested the past Tuesday 24th of july, outside of the courthouse where sheriff joe Arpaio was testifying in a trial against him for racial profiling against migrant communities.

The message of these 4 brave community members was “No Papers No Fear, Dignity is Fighting Here” same message that will be spread across the country with this ride for Justice.

"I don't have riches to give, I can only send my heart with you"Various community and family members of those whom will be part of the Ride For Justice, gathered at the Puente Office to say good bye and wish good luck to the riders that were taking off that night, it was inevitable to avoid emotions, tears, smiles and good vibes amongst the community

Marichu, one of the riders who took off on Sunday, shared a letter that her daughter had written for her, describing how she, as her daughter feels very proud that her mom will be part of this journey, Marichu, in front of the community, talked about the commitment with that she has with the people, even though today she has a legal status, she says that isn’t a reason to stop her from fighting for the rights and dignity of the community. “I know the kind of frustration and injustices that undocumented people have to go through for not having papers, I know this because I once was undocumented and my main goal in this trip is to go to de Democratic National Convention in September at North Carolina and at the same time to plant seeds of education, empowerment, justice, self-determination and justice within the communities during the 6 weeks that the trip will last” she said.

Maricruz, another rider, mother of two brave, undocumented young students whom were arrested for doing peaceful civil disobedience a few months ago, also said good bye to her family. She says she is proud of her children and for being part of this trip “The example of courage that my kids shown by saying “I am undocumented and unafraid” inspired me as a mother to raise my voice, I can’t take it no more, and I’m not doing this just for me and my family but also for all those who still remain in silent, in the shadows across the country” she said with enthusiasm before taking off.

stormclouds on 15 hours driveToday we are being hosted by members of local communities in Denver Colorado after being on the road for over 15 hrs, but the exhausting of the trip doesn’t take away the enthusiasm from these community members that are taking the lead in this movement

The next two days will be full of activities and actions with local organizations and communities, sharing our struggle and learning from theirs without forgetting to promote our message “ No Papers No Fear, Dignity is Here.”

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