Migration is a Human Right

Migration is a human right
Whether on foot, bike or flight.
It is how the souls of the living connect with those of the dead.
It is how dreams travel
After they have been incubated in someone's head.

Migration is life.
Migration is culture.
It how dreams plan for a better future.
It is how the starving reject famine.
How the brave refuse to live in fear.
It is the way the world was built,
the ultimate law of the land.
Migration is what happens when love transcends borders.
It is the joy of a life worth fighting for,
The pain of the war-torn.
The cry of a newborn.
Migration is what happens when a poet speaks her mind
And lets the words go where they may.
It is the true witness during the trial.
It is the certainty that the universe works hard to accomodate every last adventure and every last creature
during times of injustice, starvation, or war


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