Hoover Day Laborers and No Papers No Fear Riders Unite Against Harassment, Housing Violations, Retaliation for Organizing

National delegation of undocumented immigrants on the No Papers No Fear ride for Justice will join day laborers living in Hoover, Alabama who have been organizing against harassment, housing violations, deportations and retaliation from organizing for their rights.

Hoover, AL -- Although day laborers have a constitutional right to assemble and seek work in public, Hoover, AL workers have repeatedly been told by building management that they cannot seek work outside or wait for their own employers, even in the parking lot of their own apartment complex, where they are rent-paying tenants. Building managers have verbally abused them, called the police when workers don’t disperse quickly enough, leading event to deportations and police harassment.

Additionally, building managers have also failed to address seriously deteriorating conditions in the apartments where most of these workers live.  The tenants have complained of bedbugs and cockroaches – none of these have been taken seriously. When apartments flooded in recent rains, tenants were told they had only 7 days to leave. When they requested a transfer to other, empty, apartments, management refused. 

Most recently, tenants held a meetings to discuss the situation. The next day they were given eviction letters in retaliation for organizing.

No Papers No Fear Riders are arriving in Hoover tomorrow morning to support the workers. The No Papers No Fear ride was inspired by actions of undocumented students, such as coming out of the shadows events and civil disobedience actions, that have demonstrated the power and results of communities acting and speaking for themselves, the riders are undocumented people from all over the country and their allies, including mothers, fathers, day laborers, people in deportation proceedings, students, and many others who continue to face threats of deportation, harassment, and death while simply looking for a better life in the only nation many of them know and call home.


What: Day laborers in Hoover speaking out for their rights as workers, as tenants, and as human beings with the right to make a living.

When: August 21, 2012, 7:30 am

Where: 3400 Treeline Court, Hoover, AL

Who: Day laborers in Hoover, No Papers No Fear riders, organizers from National Day Laborer’s Organizing Network (NDLON).

More information on the No Papers No Fear Ride for Justice is available at www.nopapersnofear.org, and follow @undocubus on twitter for updates

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