Undocumented Tuscaloosans Speak About Surviving Tornadoes, Exclusion in Schools, HB 56, and Deportations; Welcome No Papers No Fear Caravan

Tuscaloosa, AL (August 20, 2012) – On the anniversary of the first action by community immigrant rights group Somos Tuskaloosa, undocumented immigrants living in Tuscaloosa will come out of the shadows and tell their stories of surviving the implementation of HB 56, increased deportations, and and the 2011 wave of tornadoes. The demonstration will include declarations and stories by the national delegation of undocumented immigrants traveling with the No Papers No Fear Ride for Justice, currently making its way through Alabama.

“The tornado and the implementation of HB 56 came at the same time. They both impacted our community, they both caused fear, they both separated families, they both affected the stability of our children in school. The tornado and the law caused our community to have nightmares and traumas, some visible and some invisible. But my family and I have decided to stay here, because this is our home, and as long as we are here we will fight for our future, our dignity, and the making of a Tuscaloosa where we all have rights,” said Trini Garcia, an undocumented immigrant living in Alabama for the last 15 years, an organizer with Somos Tuskaloosa, and one of the speakers at tomorrow’s event.

The press conference and rally will take place on the first day of school, significant because many undocumented immigrants are excluded by the requirement of a social security number. Participants will also be protesting the increased targeting of Latino and immigrant communities by local police enforcement collaborating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and exposing the negative effects of HB 56. They will also be addressing how organizing and coming out of the shadows creates safer communities.

The No Papers No Fear Ride for Justice is a national delegation of undocumented people and allies that left Phoenix, Arizona on the anniversary of the state's implementation of SB 1070, July 29th, and is travelling across the country to rally the migrant community to overcome fear and organize to challenge anti-immigrant policies. Inspired by actions of undocumented youth that have demonstrated the power and results of communities acting and speaking for themselves, the riders are undocumented people from all over the country and who continue to face threats of deportation, harassment, and death while simply looking for a better life in the only nation many of them know and call home.

What: Press conference and coming out of the shadows event

When: Monday August 19, 2012, 4:30 PM

Where: In front of the U.S. Federal Court House (2005 University Boulevard)

Who: Undocumented immigrants working with Somos Tuskaloosa and the No Papers No Fear Ride for Justice, community supporters.

Visuals: Banners and signs painted by community members, art about immigration, mini bus part of caravan

Watch on Live Stream at ustream.tv/channel/undocubus

More information on the No Papers No Fear Ride for Justice is available at www.nopapersnofear.org, and follow @Undocubus on twitter for updates.




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