Bio: Gabriela Alcazar

Gabriela Alcazar was born in Chicago, Illinois and considers Detroit, Michigan her home. Although she is not undocumented herself, she remembers waiting for her mother at the U.S. Mexico border, and “the fear and uncertainty that comes with not knowing whether I would get to see my mom.” She has been in immigration offices and government agencies since she was 10 years old, interpreting for her family. It was there that she noticed that people with lawyers were treated better, and decided that she would become an attorney that would help immigrants who could not afford lawyers. Since then she has found other options to support Latinos and immigrants, in particular community organizing. She stepped up her involvement in immigrant rights organizing when her brother in law was deported, while at her school a student organization was putting together a “catch an illegal immigrant” game. She is on the bus because she believes that there is power in undocumented people organizing, and that these actions “have the potential to shift the tide so that the country is more inclusive of all undocumented people.”


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