Rosario Dawson Calls DNC Immigration Demonstrators ‘Soldiers of the Battle’ [Video]


On Tuesday, actress Rosario Dawson, who had been at a nearby forum on immigration, walked over and showed her support for Undocubus demonstrators who traveled from Arizona to Charlotte to urge the Obama administration to stop criminalizing immigrant communities.

“We really need to have better representation and that’s why we continue to have to keep seeing soldiers of the battle keep going down one by one until finally there is a critical mass to make a difference,” Dawson told reporters outside the DNC site where Undocubus members were demonstrating.

rosario-obama-undocubus.jpg (Rosario Dawson and Isela “Chela” Meraz, Photo by Aura Bogado)

Ten Undocubus members were arrested at the intersection of 5th and College streets, just one block from the convention site and where delegates go through a security checkpoint.

In a statement the group made online, they explain, “We came out because we are tired of the mistreatment. We are tired of waiting for change and we know that it never comes without risk or without sacrifice.

At one point during the demonstration Dawson took to a megaphone and told Undocubus riders already in jail-transport vans that she admired them.

“That’s what it takes,” she said. “For all of you who just got arrested, I want to commend your bravery. Things will change. We are here with you.”

Before she left the protest, Dawson turned to Undocubus rider Isela “Chela” Meraz and said “You inspire me,” before turning and giving her a big hug.

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