DNC Profiles: Kemi from Houston

Source: Colabradio.mit.edu

“Being black and undocumented is an uncommon intersection.” — Kemi Bello

DNC Profiles: Kemi from Houston

Name: Kemi Bello

Party affiliation: None. I am comfortable existing outside of any political ideology.

Where are you coming from? Houston, Texas, but I am originally from Lagos, Nigeria.

How did you get to Tampa? Undocubus came to Texas on their journey across the United States. I connected with them in Austin and decided to join them. I knew about them because I’m involved with the DREAMers. I took a flight from Texas to Atlanta, but when I got there, Undocubus was already in Tennessee.  So I got on the MARTA at ATL and took it to the Greyhound Station, where I picked up a bus to Knoxville. Once I got to the Knoxville bus station, I hopped a cab to the nearby Unitarian Universalist Church where I found my travel companions.  The only thing I didn’t do is ride a bike!

Why are you here?
Listen to Kemi’s spoken-word poem about why she is on the Undocubus to Charlotte:

CoLab Radio is profiling people who are standing outside of the Republican or Democratic National Convention with a message, a mission, or an item for sale. Post by Alexa Mills.



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