No Papers Rosa No Fear

habia una vez una Rosa
who got on the bus
an act so small like this endeavor
can change peoples lives forever
let us get on the bus
to share the story of us
we are taking a ride
there is nothing to hide
this is our destiny
to cross borders & be free
you see we are some of many
sons & daughters of journey
this road we travel
has been walked on well
many before us fell
we are here to remember & tell
these truths we will yell
beyond fear there is freedom
before papers human hearts come
our time is here
we will not disappear
we will only grow
till our corazons overflow
ancestors by our side
we take pride
our right to be
open your eyes & see
we did not choose this
fate chose us
carry hope, faith, courage, & trust
transporting dreams is a must
four elements
all testaments
if you listen long enough
the whispers of families are rough
we hear them when we sleep
the wounds run deep
the hills we climb are steep
step by step, stop by stop
we will reach the top

there waiting for us is a Rosa
red bursting blood & poderosa
like love that runs through our veins
release rivers of pain
only to build beautiful memories
bring forth communities
a coming together of families
dig roots, plant trees, & let leaves roam
all earth is our home
there is a breeze
it pushes us forward with ease
it gives us aliento
no tiene miedo el viento
habia una vez un Rosa
who got on the bus
just like us
carry forth warriors guerreros
de consciencia y voz
somos what dreams are made of
we are sueños of love
creating songs of libertad
toda la verdad
exposed for the world no races
photos of beaming faces
essence of humanity
here is our dignity
no papers no fear
no papers no fear
no papers Rosa no fear


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