We'll Make Arpaio's Job Easy Because We're Not Afraid Anymore

My name is Leticia Ramirez. I have 18 years living in the US. I was brought here by my parents when I was nine. I do a food for children program where kids get breakfast and lunch each day.

Life in Arizona has gotten complicated since they passed their anti-immigrant laws. Now we can't go out of the house or enjoy time with our children. We're afraid to leave because of the police who harass us. Because they want to arrest us. My husband, I have so much fear for him. He leaves every morning at 3am and he gets back at 12pm. But the times when he doesn't arrive on time I get scared that we won't see him, that our family will suffer, especially our children.

That's why I've decided I can't be afraid any more, to fight for my community and my family and against all the laws and against what Arpaio is doing to our community. That's why I've decided to be arrested in our struggle for our community and my family.

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